What is a GIP?

Once you have invested in Singapore and are ready to support your funding with proven entrepreneurial skills, you can apply for Singapore PR (Permanent Resident). This particular program, officially known as the Global Investor Program (GIP Scheme), is often referred to as the Investor Scheme. If you plan to move to Singapore and have enough money to invest, you can consider the GIP program and get PR status. Investing in the Singapore economy is valuable because it creates economic spin offs and employment. Singapore’s business-friendly policies, relatively low taxes, modern infrastructure, security and a clean environment have always appealed to foreign investors looking to move here.


Investment Capital: Currently, the following investment options are available in the Investor Program.

  • Option A: Invest at least S $ 2.5 million to start a new business or expand an existing business.
  • Option B: Invest at least S $ 2.5 million in a GIP-approved fund that invests in Singapore-based companies.

Fixed investment is just one of the criteria for qualifying for GIP. Also, in order to obtain permanent residence through an investor scheme, you must show your entrepreneurial spirit to the authorities by providing a good track record and reliable business proposals or investment plans. Know in detail about GIP and procedures for application through Consulti. Our services stretch beyond getting a PR or business registration. We take a step ahead in providing advisory services when, where and how much to invest for your productive journey in Singapore.

Consulti Pte. Ltd.
What We Do
  • Advisory and Implementation: Consulti offers expert consulting and immigration assistance for investors in Singapore. We will assist with your GIP applications. Get expert opinion from our panel of advisors and know more about implementation procedures.
  • Advisory Fund Transfers Options: From international wire transfers to foreign exchange apps, a variety of transfer options are advised by our financial experts prior to your GIP application.
  • Advisory International/Local Schools: Once you receive your PR status upon successful registration through GIP, then it’s about bringing your family to Singapore and cherishing a life in this beautiful country. Do your best, but make the right choices for your children. Help your children choose the right international or local school while living in Singapore.
  • Advisory Property (Rental/Investment): As a Singapore expatriate or PR holder, you have a range of accommodation options. You may want to rent an accommodation in an area where foreigners are thriving, or you may be looking for a direct real estate investment in Singapore. Our experts advise on rental or investment aspects based on individual requirements and resources.
Consulti Pte. Ltd.
Our Advantages

Experienced Team

Consulti's goal is to provide international businesses and wealthy clients with competent advisory and immigration solutions to succeed in this ever-changing world. Our service, shaped by years of direct experience, has helped our clients and their families move to Singapore, run businesses and build real connections for success. Our corporate services team has over 20 years of experience in providing immigration solutions. Our higher success rates in GIP applications says it all.

Ease of Application

Investors can easily apply for permanent residence under the Global Investor Program through Consulti. Applications can be made if they have at least three years of successful business and entrepreneurial background. You must submit the company's audited annual financial statements for the last three years. Investors operating in the real estate or construction industry need annual revenue of S $ 200 million over the past year and at least S $ 200 million over the last three years. Investors operating in other sectors need to generate S $ 50 million last year and S $ 50 million annually for the past three years.

Ease of Family Transition

Foreigners' lives in Singapore can be refreshing, exciting and enriching. Our relationship management ensures a smooth transition for you and your family in Singapore. Moreover, this small island nation is world-famous for its wonderful hospitality.

Local Representation

We are glad to liaise on behalf of you with third parties right from governmental level for official purposes to landlords for accommodation purposes. We understand your priorities better. You can trust us with your goals and we are all ready to do the same. Contact us for minor or major requirements while in Singapore or your home country.

Global Investors Programme
Ways to Engage Us

Key in your credentials in the below assessment form and provide the mentioned documents for a quick check on GIP eligibility.



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