Singapore Immigration

Singapore is not just a dream tourist destination but also a hub of immense commercial opportunities. It is undoubtedly the best choice to incorporate your business venture in the South East Asian Region. Also, you get a better quality of life and aesthetics here. It is not quite that expensive to travel to and from Singapore. Well, you need not worry about the setting up and immigration process. Consulti is the brand you can trust. We offer the fastest, simplest and authorised means to achieve your goal. Your search for the best immigration company in Singapore ends here.

What Singapore Has To Offer?

This cosmopolitan country has as much to offer as you seek. For years we have been working as the most active immigration company in Singapore and have been offering outstanding immigration solutions. We have helped hundreds of immigrants get a permanent resident visa in just 12 months. And, we have never had a single client expressing their desire to go back. Take a look at what makes this nation so popular.

  • There are no hard and rigid rules pertaining to immigration policies. On the contrary,it is flexible enough to allow more than 2000 immigrants in 2019.
  • Their tax system is outstanding. To put it simply you can expect higher income but low taxes to pay. To your surprise, personal income for tax residents ranges from 0% to 22%, progressively.
  • Top-notch infrastructure, excellent business opportunities, high-paid jobs and much more.

Immigrants to Singapore make slightly more than 40% of its total population. As a reputed immigration consultant in Singapore, we are everything you are looking for. Get in contact with us today.

Explore Various Schemes Of Singapore Visa!

We are going to explore different Singapore visa Schemes available here now and how can foreigners work and live legally.

    • Employment Pass

The Employment pass or Singapore EP is the type of work pass that is certified for foreign directors, professionals, and corporate executives to work in Singapore legally. This work pass is targeted at mid to senior-level executives who like to work in Singapore. There is no quota needed but the sponsor of the company must show the real reason to hire foreign employees other than local.

    • Entrepreneur Pass

The Singapore Entrepreneur pass scheme is granted for entrepreneurs or owners of businesses who like to start or operate their new business in Singapore. The entrepreneur pass is aiming for those highly innovative individuals who have the creative business idea and the needed business records tracking for setting up their business. There are different types of requirements in the entrepreneur pass scheme to check out before you apply, particularly the business milestone that the applicant should meet to acquire a visa.

    • Personalized Employment Pass

This sort of work pass is especially for high-income earners who wish to explore the work chances in Singapore with the flexibility to secure the visa without the company sponsorship in Singapore. There are many conditions in this work visa that you should note before you apply.

    • S Pass Scheme

The S-Pass is the work visa special for mid-level skilled and professional technical staff or junior executives. The minimum salary for this work pass is at least 2,500 SGD monthly and the sponsor company is subject to the foreign quota and monthly levy requirements.

Consulti, A Brand That Outshines Others

Undoubtedly, Singapore is the best country to live, work, earn, grow and enjoy. Consulti offers a wide array of services to help you with the migration process. Have a look at what makes us so popular among clients.

  1. Requirements may vary but there is just one solution – Consulti. You may require a Student Visa, Personalised Employment Pass, Permanent Residence Scheme for Work Pass Holders Visa, Working Permit, etc. We adhere to legal means to help you get any visa that suits your requirement.
  2. We have transparent policies to guide the immigrants. All the details are clearly explained by our team.
  3. You can contact us both offline and online as per your convenience. You can drop all your queries and we will help those sort out in a jiffy.
  4. Our charges are the best in the market and thus are highly affordable.

We are the one such immigration company in Singapore that follows no illegal methods. With us, you are safe and secure. Get in touch with us today. Happy Immigration.