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Singapore Employment Pass

If you are a foreigner and wish to be employed by a Singapore firm, there are work pass systems which you must be qualified to clear its eligibility criteria. There are few things about employment pass which you must know about its qualification, eligibility criteria, requirements, procedures, documents submission, etc.

Singapore Employment pass is the work visa that allows foreign professionals, experts, andspecialists to work in Singapore. Getting the Employment Pass incorporates the approach concerning its strict guidelines, rules, requirements, and regulations.

The Employment pass is issued by Singapore’s ministry of manpower to hire foreign employees to work for Singapore companies. It is the work visa that permits you to live and work in Singapore along with travelling within the country or cross border with the support of multiple entry visa.

What’s The Validity Of The Singapore Employment Pass?

The Singapore employment pass’ validity varies from 1 / 2 / 3 years and it is renewal. Foreigners issued with an Employment Pass may be eligible to apply for Singapore Permanent Resident.

Few Key Features Of Singapore Employment Pass!

  • The validity of the pass is for 1 to 2 years and it can be renewed up to 3 years, for new Applicants.
  • Its multiple journey entry visa allows you to travel outside the country without the need to apply for the entry visa all the time you leave the country.
  • There are no quota or levy restrictions for Employment passes. But in some cases, when the number of EP holders is high in your sponsored company, the company first requires to justify why locals were not given the job.
  • Singapore employment pass processing time is 3 to 8 weeks on the submission.
  • If your sponsor company is based overseas – that is it does not have the Singapore registered company and has the clients company, then you can apply for the EP under the overseas sponsorship case.
  • If you are an entrepreneur who seeks to set up or invest in a new start-up business in Singapore, then EP is an option for you.

How Can You Qualify For The Employment Pass?

To qualify for the Singaporean employment pass, you must have to –

  • Draw a fixed salary of at least S$4,500, monthly (older, more experienced candidates need to comply with higher salary requirements).
  • Works in the specialized, executive, or managerial job.
  • Have acceptable qualifications such as University Degree, Professional Qualifications or Specialized Skills.

But these are just general guidelines – the authorities review all the EP applications before approval is given. There is no limit set to the number of EPs which can be given to foreign citizens to work for Singapore companies.

Documents You Need To Apply For The Singapore Employment Pass!

There are few documents which you must require to submit for applying for the Singapore Employment Pass –

  • Latest edition of resume
  • Copies of relevant educational certificates
  • Testimonials and references from previous employers
  • Copy of the particulars page of your passport as asked
  • Copy of signed Employment Contract
  • Activities descriptions in detail and products of the Employing Singapore company
  • Copy of the business profile

Above mentioned documents, you can provide additional supporting documents as required. You also need to have any non-English documents translated to the English language officially.

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