‘We help businesses accelerate and streamline their access into Asian markets’

The world has truly become a global village. Irrespective of the scale and nature of business, many critical elements of operations are done remotely. Sales and support systems are largely moving online and there is tremendous cut with business travel. Corporate, SMEs and Startups can avail our regional representative services entitled under business development portfolio. In Singapore, having us as your regional representative has two main benefits. First is that you can start or expand existing business activities inside Singapore without risking much of your resources in the beginning. We help set up a regional team for your operational requirements, till a necessary expansion stage is reached. Secondly, we better understand and network with the local banks here, checking off the mandatory requirements stipulated by authorities. We ensure to prove credible suppliers, potential clients and growth forecasts based on market research. Our business development services ensure that you have the right people at the right time upon expanding to Singapore and to the whole of Asia.

Consulti Pte. Ltd.
What We Do
  • Data and Marketing Plan: What sets us apart is that we focus on tactical strategies and have a deep understanding of both traditional and digital marketing aspects. Our strategic marketing consulting focus includes business strategy, positioning strategy, brand strategy and implementation and marketing and sales coordination. Data insights are archived and updated enabling reference and analysis as and when needed.
  • Implementation and Marketing Plan: We work closely with business entities to take a hands-on approach for developing a comprehensive marketing program to grow your business. This typically involves developing a marketing plan and then implementing the various identified workstreams for the successful operations and building a lasting platform. We develop key strategic initiatives for your organization and manage specific components of your marketing program.
  • Local Representation: We are your ‘Home Away from Home’! Depending upon the scale and nature of your business, you might be physically present in Singapore or not. But your business will be up and growing. That’s a benefit of globalization. Thanks to an array of technologies that helps us bond even when we are miles apart. We represent every business interest of yours in Singapore. We do your entire documentation processes and administration works till a handover is completed.
  • Market Testing with Lead generation: We prefer to go way beyond just registration and administration works for you. Being your regional representative, we understand the risk of Phase 1 of your operations in a new market. We undertake market testing and lead generation on your behalf. The Singaporean market might respond in a different manner to your products and services. As such, our subject matter experts are ready to test the market for you in advance before you invest heavily in the market. We also help strategize your marketing and operations based on market response.
Consulti Pte. Ltd.
Our Advantages

Access New Business Networks

Our team is equipped with vast experience in sales and marketing. We are updated and keep networking with SMEs, MNCs, startups and other business entities across different industries in Singapore. We help in facilitating technology adoption, process design and conducting business diagnosis. We can be your one stop center for accessing a plethora of industry partners in Asia.

Have people you can trust on the ground working to help build and grow your business

From talent acquisition to management, liaison relations and ground support, qualified human capital is essential for international market entry. Focus on your core business activities while we work shoulder to shoulder with you as your trusted regional ally in Singapore. We ensure a smooth launch and handover of your business.

Better Navigate the Banking Systems

Different countries follow different banking systems and policies. Practices followed by the banking system in Singapore is our expertise which enables us to navigate you to the right banking institutions, procedures and follow ups as and when needed. Whether you are overseas or in Singapore, we serve as a liaison partner between your business and Singaporean banks.

Generate Potential Revenue Streams

We assist companies of all sizes, preparing them to take on the evolving marketplace in Asia. Our sales team carefully aligns people, processes and technology at globally recognised companies. We provide strategies and tools to ensure that businesses have the right people in the right roles, following proper processes. Our experience and nuanced industry knowledge help clients generate new revenue streams even before entering Singapore. Consulti is uniquely qualified to transform your organisation.

Business Development
Ways to Engage Us

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