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Schemes And Eligibility For The Singapore Permanent Residency

Singapore’s permanent residency is something that enables the entrepreneur and foreign employees to stay in Singapore and enjoy the benefits of being a resident indefinitely. This includes most of the benefits that the Singapore citizen gets with the health care, education better rates, CPF that stands for Central Provident Fund, freedom of freelancing, employment, and business.

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For Singapore Permanent Residency To Apply For The Application?

There are some criteria set to get a permanent residency in place of your residency pass or any working Visa that you carry to live in Singapore. In the below, we will discuss the Singapore PR eligibility for registration. One should possess the following things to fill the boxes in the application requirement for permanent residency application in Singapore.

Being An Individual – As you are an individual. You need to have –

    • Spouse of a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Singapore Permanent Resident (SPR)
    • Unmarried child (including legally adopted children) below 21 years of ageof a SC or SPR.
    • You should be an S pass holder or have an Employment pass.
    • An Foreign Investor in Singapore.
    • A Talented Art Professionals
    • Parent of a citizen of Singapore.

The Schemes Of Singapore Permanent Residency

      • For The People Working As An Individual

This scheme of permanent residency in Singapore is for the employees or the workers who are working as a foreigner in Singapore. The one thing that is important for this scheme is that you should be an employee or in the working period at the time of applying for the Singapore permanent residency application. For being an employee or professional worker in Singapore, first, you need to be a worker at a Visa basis like entrepreneur pass, employment pass, or S pass.

      • For The Foreign Art Professionals

It is aiming to become the art hub as the art scenes are growing so fast over the years.You should have a professional training practice with a well-known face in the country with a great reputation.

      • Scheme For The Investors

There is a scheme known as the Global Investor Program (GIP) for the investor’s scheme. With the help of this scheme, you can apply for Singapore PR application for your family members with yours by starting your business at a small level with the investment of SGD 2.5 million.

Above were the schemes or Singapore PR requirements to get the benefit of the scheme by working in Singapore with their residency pass. You should possess the above requirements to get a residency in Singapore for you and your family.

How Much Time is Taken For The Singapore PR Application?

Usually, application takes around 6 months to a year for the process of PR application, with the submission of correct documents, some applications may take longer to process. PR applications under the GIP programme take approximately 9 to 12 months for a GIP application to be processed subject to the submission of all the required supporting documents.

Singapore has always made it possible and welcoming for the professionals or the foreigners to contribute to the betterment of the country in any way like economically or in any kind of development. Above mentions the different permanent residency schemes for the application to get the Singapore permanent residency in a relevant way.

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