How To Get An Employment Pass In Singapore

Job seekers, including foreign nationals, can work in Singapore with a good salary if they have the employment pass.  Foreign nationals with a professional job offer can apply for the Singapore employment pass if they meet the eligibility criteria. Either the employer or the appointed agent can apply for this work visa on behalf of the candidate.

Employment Pass

Singapore employment pass is the work visa issued by the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore for foreign nationals. Every foreign national required this pass to work in this country. Foreign nationals with this work visa can travel in and out of the country without applying for the entry visas. They can live and work anywhere in Singapore.

Who can apply for an Employment Pass?

Any foreign national who is a job seeker, manager, employee, and a director or owner of Singapore companies can apply for the employment pass. But the candidate must have the eligibility to apply for this pass.

Eligibility & Salary Requirements

You must know the employment pass criteria before applying for this work visa. Anybody with a job offer in Singapore can apply for this pass. He or she must work in a specialized, executive, or managerial position. In addition, he or she must draw a fixed monthly salary of a minimum of $4,500. Experienced or older candidates need higher salaries in order to be eligible for applying for this work visa.

Documents Required

A person cannot apply for the employment pass in Singapore without having proper documents. The documents required for the Singapore employment pass application are:

  • Copies of the personal detail pages of the passport 
  • Relevant educational certificates and a copy of resume
  • Written consent required from the side of the candidate for allowing the employment agent or company to apply on his or her behalf
  • The instant information or the latest business profile of the company registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
  • Any document requested by the Ministry of Manpower

Application Process

Singapore employment pass processing time can be varying from several days to weeks based on the credentials of the employment company in the country. The ministry also considers the qualifications of the candidate as well as the availability of his or her supporting documents and the process of the employment pass.

Cancellation and Renewals

A Singapore employment pass holder needs to renew it before his or her pass expires. Ensure to send the application for renewal at least two months before the expiry of it. 

Foreign nationals who no longer work with a Singapore employer can cancel his or her employment pass. They can also stop working or not renew the pass if they have no plans to work in the country. An employee can cancel it within one week after the last day of notice or one day after his or her employment pass expires. But if the applicant already becomes a permanent resident in the country, the Ministry of Manpower automatically cancels it.