How To Effectively Tackle Employment Pass Rejection

It has been observed in recent years that the Singapore Ministry of Manpower has decreased the number of Employment Passes issued to the foreigners. Also, the Singapore Employment Pass Processing time sometimes stretches infinitely. People face difficulties as to how to appeal for Singapore citizenship. To solve all the problems, read the following pointers.


  • Why Is Your Singapore Employment Pass Rejected?

Your Singapore Employment Pass application can be met with rejection if it does not fulfil the minimum salary requirement of S$4,500 or the academic or work qualification.


  • Reasons For Employment Pass Rejection

Your Employer Did Not Maintain the Mandated Local to Foreigners Ratio

It is a mandate for all companies to prioritize the hiring of locals over foreigners to protect the Singaporean workforce. The employer must produce proof why they hired a foreigner and locals were considered and interviewed but their skills did not match the job profile. Companies with a disproportionate number of foreign employees showing disinterest in hiring the local labour force are less likely to obtain Employment Passes for their foreign employees. The policy follows the principles of the Fair Consideration Framework. The ones who do not abide let their employees suffer in receiving an EP.

Your Job Scope and Qualifications Do Not Match

Before an application is approved or rejected, there are certain qualifiers that are checked. They include salary demand, work experience, educational background, and market demand of the job. Only those applications are accepted whose qualifications align with the job requirement. The case is also applicable to degree holders whose degree is unrelated to their job.

Your Job Designation Can be Acquired By Local Resident

The reason why the Government promotes the contribution of foreign skills is to create a positive impact on Singapore’s economy. It only looks for those individuals who can contribute to the nation in the long run. If the same job can be done by a local citizen, then there is no reason to grant an EP to a foreigner in such a situation. Therefore, a foreigner who has skills viable to the business entity that are not available in Singapore is likely to have the employment pass application approved.

Time Spent At Your Previous Jobs Is Not Satisfactory

A heavy weightage is given to the fact that you have remained in all previous jobs for a substantial amount of time deemed to be satisfactory. An applicant who has failed to do so will be subjected to rejection. 

Issues With The Company Background

If your company’s business activities are irrelevant to Singapore’s economy, then your company has a weak Singaporean core, or your company belongs to an industry that is impertinent to Singapore. The MOM can ask for detailed information about the company’s business activity, manpower projection, and the reason as to why the applicant was chosen.


How to Tackle Employment Pass Rejection?

Take the help of an immigration consultant in Singapore or an expert as they hold an experience and knowledge of the MOM’s policies and work. Do research on the industry of the business and know if a role brings value to Singapore’s economy. Prepare and draft a strong justification letter explaining why the company requires you to fill a crucial role and what special skills you possess.

To get access to the Singapore Employment Pass, you must carefully scrutinize your documents and skills. Be vigilant of any mistake because it can cost you a rejection. Adhere to the policies and law of the land. Take suitable professional help from an immigration consultant in Singapore as and when required.

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Singapore Foreign Investment

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What Makes Singapore Attractive to Foreign Investors?

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Foreign Direct Investment in Singapore

When it comes to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows, Singapore holds a good position. The country is the 5th largest recipient in this world for FDI. Investment in Singapore for foreigners is easy because of their investor-friendly tax system.

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Foreign Investment in Singapore

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Why Singapore is Preferred by Foreign Companies

Located in the heart of Asia as a global business hub, Singapore holds a special place in the world economy. It is a politically stable country with a developed infrastructure and open policies for business.  English is the main language in Singapore, and many foreign nationals find it convenient to invest in this country. Strong trade and investment policies also make this country a good place for foreign investment.


How Investment made Singapore as Innovative Hub

Liberal policies for foreign investment and strong trade and investment rules make Singapore one of the richest countries in the world. This country also offers a friendly environment for start-ups and got the reputation of the tech and innovation hub in Asia. Always open for business, Singapore is always keen to produce a good job and business opportunities, unities, and sustainable economic growth. The inflow of foreign investment makes it a profitable and safe destination to do business.

Foreign Investment in Singapore

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