We provide our international and diverse roster of clients with custom corporate advisories and solutions for their business’ success.

Accounting & Corporate Tax

We are an official partner with Xero and Swingvy to provide accounting, human resource and tax support for companies of all sizes, which includes the following services:

  • Annual Bookkeeping
  • Audited / Unaudited of Financial Statements
  • Corporate Tax Filing
  • HR support
  • Payroll Management
  • GST Filing
  • Multi currency accounting support

Corporate tax is a tax levied on corporations or legal entities; the tax is levied at a rate of 17% on chargeable incomes in Singapore. Taxes are based on operating earnings after expenses have been deducted. A company can register as a corporation to enjoy double taxation relief and we are the best accounting service provider in Singapore to help you in every accounting matter.

About Consulti

Consulti is a corporate and private client accounting company in Singapore with a goal to provide affordable expert consulting and various other services for international corporates and high net worth clients to succeed in this ever-changing world.

Our team has managed small to large corporations with cash management solutions, trade financing needs, and investments internationally. As the team is connected with the banking corporations across Singapore, our clients are given access and gain useful insight into the requirements and options available to them.

Our accountants have enormous experience in offering accounting services in Singapore and providing other tax related services. Till date, we have also provided corporate secretarial services for over 3,000 companies in Singapore. Their amount of experience has made our clients transition efficient and effortless.

  • Filing corporate taxes can be stressful for any business owner. Whether you are managing your accounts, preparing your personal or business tax returns, or looking at opportunities to maximize your deductions, it can be difficult for you to prepare corporate taxes alone. You really need assistance from an expert accountant company in Singapore to reduce your workload and focus on other major issues of the company.
  • Tax experts can not only optimize your tax returns, they ensure they are compliant with current regulations so that they can provide strategic insight into your business operations. If you are deciding between managing your business taxes internally or hiring the best accounting firm, Consulti. Choose wisely!

Consulti offer the following corporate tax advisory service to clients:

  • Tax Jurisdictions

  • Understanding and finding suitable jurisdictions for your business.

  • Tax Strategies

  • We advise and implement strategies for corporate tax planning, employee remuneration, and exit strategies.

Why Hire Us?

Here are a few reasons to consider outsourcing your corporate taxes to the best accounting firm in Singapore .

● Mitigates Errors or Filing Issues

There are a lot of guides about filing taxes for your business. Unfortunately, some of those resources are outdated or false. Most entrepreneurs are not tax experts. So it can be difficult to know the accuracy of the information you are using to file your taxes.

Tax law and guidelines for businesses change regularly, and only experienced accountants service providers can stay up-to-date with all the requirements.

● Can Improve Recordkeeping

Optimizing your tax deductions generally means collecting and tracking your business expenses in an organized manner thus improving your recordkeeping process. We focus on a safe, organized, and accessible recordkeeping strategy.

● Maximize Your Tax Relief

One of the main benefits of hiring consulti for your business corporate taxes is that they can maximize your tax relief. There are so many ways to enjoy tax relief in the operations of a business, but you may not be aware of them. The experienced staff has the knowledge to help you identify and maximize all of your tax relief.

● Saves You Time and Energy

It can take a lot of time and resources for you to file your own taxes, and it can be extremely frustrating if you have never done it before. Instead of wasting hours researching, organizing, preparing, and filing your taxes, hire some expert accounting service provider from Singapore and we allow you to put that effort into your business thus generating more revenue.

By hiring consulti to handle your corporate taxes, you can focus on growing your business, and leave taxes to the expert.

● Ease Your Burden

Even if you are able to file your corporate taxes alone, would you feel confident that it was done correctly? Are you sure that you have found every tax relief that you were eligible for? Are you prepared to justify your returns if the IRAS audits you?

This was just for your information about corporate tax services offered by Consulti if you have any queries or need assistance, contact our team of accountants in Singapore to get accurate and affordable services across the globe.

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