Expansion In Asia

Singapore – Home to Southeast Asia

  • Company headquarters expanding into Southeast Asia
  • Technology companies and data centers due to favorable privacy laws 
  • Home of Venture Capital and investment firms 
  • Regional consultancy and law firms
  • Wholesale trading companies
  • Investment holding companies 

Southeast Asia – Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand

  • Consultancy on setting up and meeting regulations in these countries 
  • Strengths and challenges on doing business in these countries, human resource management, hiring in these countries 
  • Setting up of manufacturing plants in these countries 
  • Data on doing business in these countries 

Northeast Asia – China, Hong Kong, Taiwan

  • Understanding and managing geopolitical situations 
  • Expanding into China, strengths and challenges 
  • Taiwan semiconductor and technology sector 
  • Hong Kong competitive tax benefits for trading companies 

South Asia – India, Bangladesh

  • Expanding into India, strengths and challenges 
  • Bangladesh garment industry