Corporate Consulting

We provide our international and diverse based clients with customized consulting on the corporate structuring of companies, planning and implementation of corporate tax strategies, corporate banking cash management and corporate financing solutions. 

Corporate Structuring 

  • Country of incorporation – Find out which country should you incorporate in that is best suited for you and your business 
  • Country statutory regulations – Understand and adhere to the country’s regulation standards 
  • Customized corporate structures – A wide range of structures available for international businesses: wholesale trading companies, investment holding companies, technology companies, variable capital companies and family offices

Corporate Tax 

  • Tax Jurisdictions – Understanding and finding the suitable jurisdictions for your business 
  • Tax Strategies – Consultancy of strategies for corporate tax planning, employee remuneration and exit strategies 
  • Tax execution – Implementation and management of corporate tax strategies 

Corporate Banking & Financing 

  • Corporate bank accounts – Consultancy on opening of corporate bank account, understanding which banks are available in each jurisdiction, opening of corporate accounts remotely via video conferencing, large network of corporate and digital banks globally 
  • Startup Financing – Providing options from government linked loans, bank loans to private equity financing for relatively new companies 
  • Trade Financing – Assisting international trade and e-commerce companies with solutions to reduce risk, improve trade cycle and provide liquidity  
  • Property Financing – Consultancy on property investment holding and operating companies to get liquidity to maximize their returns 
  • Alternative Financing – Consultancy on alternative solutions for clients with difficulty finding the right financing for their companies